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The Luggage Project

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Bergen Co YAB - Luggage Sucess!!!!

Thanks to the efforts of the Bergen County Youth Advisory Board, (YAB), thousands of New Jersey foster children will be able to move thier personal belongings in duffle bags instead of garbage bags. 

The Bergen County YAB began working on this project last year.  When discussing their experiences in the system, one thing they all agreed upon was that it was embarrassing to have to move their personal belongings in garbage bags.  So they decided to do something about it. 



The constant moving from place to place that a DYFS youth goes through is extremely difficult.  In addition, when a youth is forced to move their personal belongings in garbage bags, it makes them feel like they are the garbage being thrown out.  It is detrimental to their self-worth, and self-confidence when they see all their personal effects in garbage bags. 

Some youth have said this about moving their things in garbage bags: