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Money Saving Tips

Have you ever wondered why it seems that your money comes and goes a little too fast? It may be time to consider making a budget! Budgets are a system used to manage your money. They can be helpful when you are having trouble saving for a new outfit, game system, or even a car. Financial goals are tasks you would like to accomplish that involve money. You can use a budget to reach your financial goals. Here are some tips to get your started.


FINANCES: What is the Difference Between A.T.M./ Credit/and Debit Cards????

ATM is an automated teller machine.  As long as a person has sufficient funds in his/her account, they can take money out of the machine. 

**Remember, if a person takes money out from a different bank other than the one they have an account with, there will be a charge called a convenience fee.

Credit Cards can be used at stores to charge items that do not need to be paid in cash.  There is usually a limit as to how much someone can charge and there are finance and late charges if a balance is not paid off each month.