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Youth involved with DYFS, DCBHS, JJC, and other systems in NJ have submitted writings which reflect their feelings, emotions and experiences.  If you would like to submit your own writing for publication on this website, click on "Submit Your Work" below. 


Money Saving Tips

Have you ever wondered why it seems that your money comes and goes a little too fast? It may be time to consider making a budget! Budgets are a system used to manage your money. They can be helpful when you are having trouble saving for a new outfit, game system, or even a car. Financial goals are tasks you would like to accomplish that involve money. You can use a budget to reach your financial goals. Here are some tips to get your started.


How to...Do Your Laundry

Take these steps towards fresh clean clothes.

Step 1:  Make sure you have a lot of quartes with you for the washer and dryer

Step 2:  Separate your clothes into 3 catagories: whites, brights, and darks

Step 3:  Flip your shirts inside out (so colors do not fade)

Step 4:  Temperatures for your wash: whites in hot water, brights & darks in cool water

Step 5:  Measure the detergent by instructions on back of bleach and detergent bottles

Step 6:  Pour detergent into washer in the designated spot

Step 7:  Start the washer and add clothes