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 Youth involved with DYFS, DCBHS, JJC, and other systems in NJ have submitted poetry which reflect their feelings, emotions and experiences. If you would like to submit your own poetry for publication on this website,  click on "Submit Your Work". 



The moon, yes, the moon is my friend at night
when I’m alone in my room looking up to the skies
with lonely tears in my eyes,
surprised to be dragged into these painful nights.
Praying and begging the lord
for a little but of forgiveness with all this emptiness in my heart.
Trying to keep it together and not fall apart.
And if you ask me if the moon is my friend, I’ll say,
“Yes, because it’s been there from beginning to end,
like a friend to a man shining upon me,
with its beautiful light brightening up my world with its beautiful sight.



Yes, I heard them say don’t lie,
But those were the ones I learned from.
Yes, I heard them say stay strong,
But they were the reason I was weak.
Yes, I heard them say respect yourself,
But those were the ones with no purity.

Yes, they did try to teach me love,
But their heart didn’t know how.
Yes, they wanted to see me happy,
But they didn’t know the meaning.
Yes, they wanted me to be healthy,
But where was my nutrition?

Yes, I’m nothing like them,
But they are a part of me.