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 Youth involved with DYFS, DCBHS, JJC, and other systems in NJ have submitted poetry which reflect their feelings, emotions and experiences. If you would like to submit your own poetry for publication on this website,  click on "Submit Your Work". 



Yes, I am trying to get my GED
So I can have my own barber shop.

Yes I know I can do it
Because I am a very smart person.

And with my barber skills,
I know I can make a lot of money.

And Yes, I will tale care
Of myself and my family.

And Yes, you can make it too.

Just say yes to be positive
And be somebody in the future



Yes, stay positive
Do it for yourself.
You can make changes in your life.
Yes, do what's right.
You know what decisions to make
So stay strong, don't break.
Keep it real, not fake.

Yes, believe in yourself.
If you get weak, ask for help.
Yes, just do what you have to do.
So don't worry, you'll get through.