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 Youth involved with DYFS, DCBHS, JJC, and other systems in NJ have submitted poetry which reflect their feelings, emotions and experiences. If you would like to submit your own poetry for publication on this website,  click on "Submit Your Work". 



Yes, I know that I’m a man.
And yes, today I have a plan.
I am college bound.
... was lost, but finally found.
In an out of the system ...
Trying to find my way ...
I had to tell my family that I’d miss them ...
‘cause I failed and again was sent away.
But now that I’m home, I’ll try to make a change.
I only say try ‘cause life ain’t easy to rearrange.
I’ve made many mistakes and have remorse for some.
But when i think back, I see that if he didn’t deserve it,
I never would have used a gun
But, that’s all behind me now.


Welcome To My World

I'm drowning in felonies
I'm full of hatred and bad memories
Nobody is going to carry me
So I'll walk through life with my two bare feet

I'm so scared of messing up
That's why I was doing drugs
That's why I'm getting drunk
to cover up bumps like cover-up

I ain't a thief, a rapist or a thug
I'm just a man
Without a plan
Feeling ignored, hated, and unloved