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Care Management Organizations

Care management organizations (CMO’s) are agencies that provide a full range of treatment and support services to youth. They work with child-family teams to develop individualized service plans. The CMO’s goals are to keep youth in their homes, their schools and their communities.

Family Service Organizations

Family Service Organizations (FSO’s) are family-run, community-based, non-profit agencies whose mission is to provide support, advocacy, and education to families of youth with emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs.

Law Guardian Offices

Attached is a list of contact information for Law Guardian Offices.

Aftercare Programs

The Aftercare agencies provide intensive case management and support services to young adults between the ages of 18 and 22. The Aftercare agency will begin working with the young adult prior to DYFS closing the youth’s case, and can continue to work with him or her after the case is closed with DYFS. Aftercare provides the young adult with assistance in obtaining employment, housing and post-secondary education. These programs can also access flexible funds (wrap around funds) to enable the young adult to obtain the supports, which will assist them in transitioning from the child welfare system to self-sufficiency and stability. A young adult who has left Aftercare and is not yet 21 can return to the Aftercare agency for an additional short-term case management services, information, referral and wrap around funds.

CASA Programs in New Jersey

Attached is a list of contact information for CASA Programs in New Jersey.

Office of Public Defender Juvenile Services

Attached is a list of contact information for the Office of Public Defender Juvenile Services.