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Medicaid After 18

Can I get Medicaid after 18? What if I decide to close my DYFS case?

If you are currently in a placement that DYFS is paying for, you are eligible for Medicaid, through DYFS, until you are 21, so long as you keep your DYFS case open.

Should you decide to close your DYFS case after you turn 18, you could still be eligible for Medicaid until you are 21, under the Medicaid Extension for  Young Adults (MEYA) program,  IF

  • You were in a placement that DYFS was paying for the day after you turn 18 AND
  • You are a resident of NJ OR You are a US citizen or qualified alien

For information, you may call the Medicaid Extension Line, (888)235-4766.

You could lose your MEYA Medicaid coverage IF:

  • You become eligible for TANIF or SSI
  • You are out in jail
  • You  move out of state

If you move out of state and you return to NJ before you turn 21, or you get out of jail before you turn 21, then you can restart your MEYA coverage just by calling (888)235-4766