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Why You Need A Social Security Card

Why You Need a Social Security Card

Your social security number, a nine-digit number that is unique to you, is used in the United States for identification purposes.  A social security card, which displays your social security number, is necessary for many reasons.  Some of the most important reasons include:

-    Applying for a job
-    Opening a bank account
-    Filing taxes
-    College applications
-    Renting or buying a home

How do you know if you have a social security card?

If you are in foster care, ask your DYFS case worker.  They must give your social security card to you when you leave foster care.  If you are not in foster care or in an out-of-home placement, ask your parent or guardian.

Your social security card is very important and should be kept in a safe place.  You should never carry it with you unless you are required to show it to an employer.  

What happens if you've misplaced your social security card?

Replacing your social security card is free of charge.  Visit the social security website at for more information on obtaining a new social security card, or visit you local social security office for an SS-5 Form. 

These are the only places to safely and officially get a replacement social security card.

Check out the list of Social Security offices in New Jersey under the "Hot Topics -Social Security" section.