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Housing Issues: Things To Consider

Housing Issues:

Things To Consider & Discuss With a Trusted Adult

o    Relationships. Do you want to live alone?  Will you feel isolated if you live on your own?  If you want to live with someone else, who do you want to live with - a partner, family, kin, or children; with friends as roommates? Do you have any positive lifelong connections established, and if so, do you want to live with any of them?  Is being able to have a pet important to you?

o    Age and gender. Would you prefer to live in a community of young adults-for example, a young adult transitional living complex, or in a mixed-age environment?  If you're going to live in a dorm, would you prefer it to be same-sex or coed?

o    Developmental level. Are you capable of living on your own? Do you have the skills to do so or do you need support?  For example, a protective payee to manage finances or someone to help with medications, meals, or housekeeping? Are those supportive services available?

o    Life skills knowledge and ability. Do you know what it takes to get and keep housing? Do you have the skills?

o    Education and career goals. Do you have education or career plans that affect your choices, such as being eligible for college dorms or military housing, or needing daytime quiet due to work on a night shift?

o    Special status. Would you be eligible for and benefit from housing for those with special needs, such as programs for felons, substance abusers, those with mental health issues or other disabilities, or young parents?

o    Cultural and socioeconomic factors. Do you want to live among others with whom you identify based on ethnicity, culture, or sexual orientation? Would you like, for example, to live in an ethnic or gay-friendly community? Are you likely to encounter discrimination with your choice of living situation? If so, do you understand the issues and have the skills necessary to live successfully in that community?

o    Resources available to pay for housing and associated costs. What eligibility do you have for various forms of assistance? Do you have a source of income?

o    Location. What are your concerns about safety, proximity to school, work, child care, etc.?

o    Transportation. Do you have a way to get from housing to school, work, and so on? Can you afford the transportation you need? Do you need a parking space?

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